Dixie & Charli's Ring Light Collection

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have danced their way into becoming a household name across the nation. Charli's perky, precise dance videos caught on in 2019 and grew in popularity as the TikTok social media app did; less than a year later she's not only the poster child of TikTok, she's also looked upon as one of the most influential voices of Gen Z. Her background as a competitive dancer, and Dixie's experience as a model and actress played a role in their rise to fame.

From choreography to lighting, these girls set the stage and steal the show day after day, entertaining millions of fans. In the girls' early Tik Tok careers, their mom's bathroom was their stage because it had the best lighting. Now, the girls have worked hard to create a line of selfie ring lights that capture their fun-loving personality while helping creators look and feel their best while capturing content.